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At the forefront of Poultry Processing

Sole agents for Bayle in the UK and EIRE and importers of Jarvis air tools

We are the sole agents for BAYLE in the UK and Ireland, BAYLE are highly regarded in the industry for their cutting edge processing equipment, manufacturing on-line machines to process 150 - 6000 poultry or game birds per hour. BAYLE have particular expertise in the manufacture of duck processing equipment, which they supply throughout the world.

We also supply the UK and Ireland with JARVIS precision air-tools. Being CE approved, JARVIS have tools to safely speed up and simplify many processing operations that would otherwise be done laboriously by hand. JARVIS are renowned for producing extremely well built tools that last years, we can also supply spares for all their poultry tools meaning, they last even longer.



For over 30 years Sedgbeer Processing has being providing expert solutions to the poultry and game processing industry. Through our long-standing partnership with BAYLE, we can offer market leading, solidly built equipment for all types of poultry and all sizes of operation. BAYLE are continually developing and investing in new ideas and solutions for the industry, and have been doing so since 1931.

We can offer a complete processing solution, backed up by decades of experience, as well as the BAYLE machines, we also design and manufacture our own line of manual and semi-automated processing equipment, all built in our workshops, most of which can be tailored to your specific requirements.

All of this means we can provide solutions for any size operation and any type of bird, with ongoing support for spares and maintenance if required. We aim to provide a friendly, knowledgeable and prompt services to all our customers. We know that providing the right machinery is only part of the job, what comes after is just as important. That’s why we pride ourselves on customer care and ongoing support.

Along with us, BAYLE understand industry challenges, that’s why their equipment has been designed around issues like animal welfare and sustainability, they know the importance of biosecurity and they constantly strive to increase the value of each bird being processed while keeping in mind the need to have a processing solution that not only works today, but can grow with the ever-changing needs of your business in the future.

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