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SP-1M AIR scald tank

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Introducing the SP-1M AIR: Air Agitated Poultry Scald Tank

Common place in higher capacity processing plants, air agitated dip tanks give consistent scalding results. But now, even smaller processors can reap the same benefits and attain equally reliable results with our innovative SP-1M AIR – the 1 meter dip tank designed to bring online processing technology to the smaller poultry processing operation.

Key Features:


1 Meter Dip Tank

  • Our SP-1M AIR boasts a generous one-meter size, providing ample space to hang up to 5 chickens or up to 3 turkeys.

Efficient Air Agitation for Superior Scalding

  • Harness the power of a 400-watt air blower, creating a substantial jacuzzi effect within the dip tank. This air agitation ensures thorough soaking of feathers, a crucial step in achieving a clean pluck after.

Temperature Control with Unrivalled Precision

  • Maintain precise water temperature control accurate to +/- 0.1°C

Auto-Filling Valve for Consistent Water Levels

  • The auto-filling valve ensures a steady and reliable water level, allowing you to focus on processing without interruption.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency thanks to Full Insulation of the tank

  • The SP-1M AIR is fully insulated to maximize energy efficiency, reducing operational costs while maintaining consistent performance and temperature.

Poultry Hanging Rail

  • Easily accommodate up to 5 birds on the convenient hanging rail, streamlining your poultry processing workflow.

Powerful Heating Elements

  • Equipped with 1 x 6kw heater element and 1 x 400w air blower, our dip tank guarantees rapid heating and efficient air agitation for superior scalding.


Why Choose the SP-1M AIR?

Designed to meet the unique needs of smaller processors, our air agitated poultry dip tank ensures that water thoroughly soaks all feathers, particularly excelling with ducks and geese, where traditional dip tanks often fall short. The air agitation ensures consistent scalding every time.

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