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We dont just sell equipment

Our in-depth knowledge means we are uniquely placed to offer expert advice at every stage of a project. We can advise on and design layout plans for a new building, we have vast experience of improving and upgrading existing sites. This could be to reduce labour costs, improve efficiency or increase capacity.

We offer a complete processing solution, backed up by decades of experience, as well as BAYLE equipment, we also design and manufacture our own line of manual, semi-automated and online processing equipment, all built in our workshops, most of which can be tailored to specific requirements.

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We have been with many of our customers from an early stage, farms growing a small number of birds and manually processing them for local markets, over the years many of these customers have invested and expanded their operation and we have advised and supported them at every stage.

We are often approached by customers who have a problem or an idea to improve a certain process, but they cannot find an off the shelf solution and having tried other avenues, they come to us for help. Our approach to this is simple, if the solution required doesn’t exist yet then we will design one!

We provide all our customers with the same level of support, advice and expertise no matter how big or small their operation is, we are always on the end of the phone. We know that providing the right machinery is only part of the job and what comes after is just as important. That’s why we pride ourselves on excellent customer care and ongoing support, spares, repairs and maintenance.

Our partners at BAYLE

Through our long-standing partnership with BAYLE, we can offer market leading, solidly built equipment for all types of poultry, from 150 birds per hour right up to 8,000 birds per hour.

BAYLE, in collaboration with their customers, are continually developing and investing in new solutions to drive efficiency and standards for the poultry processing industry, and have been doing so since 1931. The development of Bayle Smart Control is a game changer for processing plants. Allowing full control over the entire process from hanging on to packing, the innovative system interlinks every machine and centralizes control to a single intuitive interface. Bayle have also recently launched the SHF v5, the most complete stunner control box on the market, and they have developed a new fully automated EV system for ducks.

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Along with us, BAYLE understand industry challenges, that’s why their equipment has been designed around issues like animal welfare and sustainability, they know the importance of biosecurity and they constantly strive to increase the value of each bird being processed.  All the while keeping in mind the need to have a processing solution that not only works today, but can grow with the ever-changing needs of your business in the future.

We understand that each processor is unique and requires a tailored service and specific equipment to meet its needs. We can design a solution around your requirements, ensuring those needs are meet now and are robust enough to cope with changes and growth in the long term, with ongoing support for spares, repairs and maintenance to minimize downtime.