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Automated Processing

Through our long-standing partnership with BAYLE, we can offer market leading, solidly built equipment for all types of poultry and all sizes of operation, from 150 bph right up to 6000 bph.

Bayle are a French manufacturer of poultry processing equipment and have been continually developing and investing in new ideas and solutions for the industry for over 85 years. 

We offer a complete processing solution, backed up by decades of experience, as well as the BAYLE equipment, we also design and manufacture our own line of manual, semi-automated and online processing equipment, all built in our workshops in the UK, most of which can be tailored to specific requirements. Check out Our Services pages for more information and see how we can help you.

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Live Bird Reception

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Slaughter Line Equipment

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Plucking Solutions

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Chilling Systems

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Waste Treatment

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Process Management