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SP-AUTO CONTROL - Air Agitated Scald Tank

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Introducing our latest innovation for the smaller processor, the SP-AUTO CONTROL, air agitated scald tank. This tank is suitable for all poultry, chickens, turkeys ducks or geese. The air agitation is particularly good for ensuring that water thoroughly soaks all the feather on poultry, but is especially good for ducks and geese where penetrating through the down feather with traditional dip tanks can be difficult. As we know, the key to a well plucked bird is down to achieving an efficient scald.

Take the guesswork out of scalding. Our auto control dip tank brings the same consistent scalding results you get from online systems, to the smaller processor. Now you can achieve a consistently good scald which directly results in better, quicker more evenly plucked birds.

Key Features:
  • Hanging Rail: The signature feature on this tank is the auto hanging rail that can hold up to 5 chickens or up to 3 turkeys in shackles.
  • Precision Scalding: Birds are automatically lowered into the dip tank, which actuates a timer.
  • Visual Alert: No guesswork needed. When the pre-set time has passed, an orange light will flash.
  • Effortless Lifting: The birds can then be lifted out by operating the pneumatic switch, this raises the hanging rail so birds can easily be lifted out of the shackles.
  • Batch Processing: This system is best suited to plucking birds in bowl type pluckers where you are plucking in batches.
  • Consistency Matters: This system gives you absolute control of the scald and enables you to be very accurate and consistent, giving the same level of results that you would expect from bigger online systems.
Technical Features
  • Temperature control accurate to +/-0.1°c
  • Auto filling valve to maintain water level
  • 1 x 9kw heater + 1 x 400w air blower. Other power requirements can be discussed
  • Fully insulated to increase energy efficiency
  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • Electric enclosure made from stainless steel

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