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TRM1 Rotary Plucking Machine

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The TRM1 rotary drum, also sometimes referred to as a bowl plucker, has recently been redesigned for better performance, durability and ease of cleaning. The drum now has a larger capacity and due to the repositioning of the plucking fingers, the TRM1 now offers better plucking efficiency than its predecessor. The longer discharge chute means feathers are expelled down the centre of the chute and drop easily into your collection tub placed below. The drum plucker is also now made from thicker Stainless steel making the whole machine more durable and sturdy.

The TRM1 rotary drum plucking machine capacity varies according to the type and weight of poultry being plucked. As an indication: 10-15 small chickens, 5-7 large farm chickens (from 3.5 to 4 kg) or 2 turkeys (from 20 kg) can be plucked simultaneously.

The TRM1 rotary drum plucking machine is fitted with:

Rotating base

Rubber plucking fingers

Cold water connector

13 water jets distributed around the top edge of the plucking drum which help evacuation the feathers

Evacuation chute to facilitate the flow of feathers and water in a collection tub (not supplied)

Adjustable feet

Delivered assembled, ready to plug in and use

Weight: 116 kg

Dimensions: 100 H x 80 D cm

Power: 400V, 50Hz, 16A

Motor: 1.1kW

Water connection: ½”

Number of fingers: 215