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SP4.5 Meter Deboning Cone Line

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The SP 4.5m deboning cone line with conveyor is designed to offer the same cutting capacity as conventional straight line versions, but in a compact format with cones on both sides. Allowing operators to work on each side of the machine. Designed for efficient and hygienic cutting and filleting of chicken and other poultry products.


This 4.5 meter model enables up to 8 operators to work on the machine, 4 on each side with one operator loading/unloading carcases. The central conveyor belt transports the portioned product to the end of the machine for sorting.


Features a variable speed drive to give a throughput range of 400 – 1100 birds per hour depending on production requirements. Emergency stop grab lines on both sides for safety and removable cutting boards fitted along each side for easy cleaning.


Longer or shorter models can be built to suit the customers needs, along with increased cone speed to offer even greater capacity if needed. We can also supply an automatic carcass unloader if required.


Various types of deboning cone lines with conveyors are available to suit various types of poultry.


Key Benefits of the SP 4.5m deboning cone line with conveyor:
  • High capacity in a compact format
  • Central conveyor belt to transports portioned product
  • Emergency stop grab lines
  • Full Stainless Steel frame construction
  • Built in removable cutting boards
  • Built with hygiene in mind, easy to clean and washdown
  • Can be built to customer specification


If you'd like to discuss our poultry deboning cone line with us, please get in touch. We are always keen to discuss new projects and understand your individual requirements. We can design, build and install a solution tailored to your needs.


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