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Bayle MP7 Dry Plucking Machine - 7 disc

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Price: £2,461 ex VAT. Contact us for lead time and delivery price.

The Bayle MP7 dry plucking machine has been designed to provide a low cost dry plucking machine for shoots and farms wishing to pluck small numbers of game birds and all types of poultry. We also have customers successfully plucking up to 400 turkeys at Christmas! No special skill is required to operate this dry plucking machine.

The birds are manually offered up to the plucking head, the suction developed at the plucking head draws the feathers in where they are gripped by seven rotating discs and plucked from the body. There is no contact between the skin of the bird and the discs.

Depending on the type of the bird, plucking will take between 2 and 6 minutes.

The MP7 is robust, efficient, affordable and as with all Bayle machines, built to last.

Single-phase 240v

Single-phase 0.75kw motor

13amp plug and lead

Weight : 40kg

Dimensions : 78 x 57 x 124 cm

Height of legs : 76 cm

Discs : 7

12 month manufactures guarantee

If you are looking for a larger dry plucking machine that has the capacity to handle larger numbers of birds, the Bayle MP11 dry plucking machine with 11 plucking dics and two motors may be what you need.

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