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Bayle MP11 Dry Plucking Machine - 11 disc

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Single Phase: £6,138.00 (£7,365.60 incl VAT)
Three Phase: £6,049.00 (£7,258.80 incl VAT)

The Bayle MP11 dry plucking machine is arguably the best dry plucking machine on the market, sturdy and robust it's extremely well made and suitable for industrial use.

The demand for a high quality product has led processors to look for equipment that will process their product to the high standard demanded by the consumer. We believe that the Bayle MP11, 11 disc dry plucking machine meets those criteria giving a high quality finish on all birds from quail through to stag turkeys.

The MP11 dry plucking machine gives greater efficiency, whilst retaining quality of finish. Fitted with 11 discs it is at least 30% faster than a comparable 7-disc dry plucking machine. These machines are now widely used throughout the game industry and the production of duck, geese and Traditional Farm Fresh Turkeys. The dry plucking machine also lends itself to the farmer producing small numbers of premium quality poultry.

It has advantages over the wet plucking of a small number of birds. There is not the long wait for water to heat up and the constant attention to temperature control. More importantly there is an improved shelf life for all types of dry-plucked birds and a superior finish.

A sack can be attached to collect the removed feather. The machine comes with an instruction manual, ear defenders and a 12 month guarantee.

0.55kw motor to drive discs

1.55kw motor to drive fan

240v single phase or 380/415v three phase

Weight: 100kg. Height: 1300mm. Length: 1060mm. Depth: 720mm

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