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M55 Drum Plucker/wax stripper

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The Bayle M55 drum plucking machine has been designed for the wet plucking of chickens, turkeys and ducks following hot-water dipping. With its large drum, an operator can easily pluck 40-70 birds per hour. 

This machine is very popular with our customers looking to produce a very high quality product, due to the fact that the operator has total control over the plucking of the bird, so there is minimal risk of damage.

The rotary drum is fitted with 140 rubber plucking fingers and is driven by a drive belt and a motor, the plucker is provided with a protective cover preventing the scatter of feathers.

Many customers use this drum plucker in conjunction with our 1 meter hot water dipping tank.

The M55 can also be used very effectively as a wax stripping machine.

Entirely made of stainless steel.

Delivered assembled and ready to use.

Weight: 90kg

Dimensions: 90 x 70 x 135 cm

Drum length: 55 cm - Diamter: 30 cm

Motor: 380V 3-phase / 0.75kW / 1500rpm