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Manual EV Station

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This EV station has a 2.5 meter EV trough with an overhead frame for shackles and can be used by two operators at once.

This enables the operators to put the birds in a 3 point hang, with the breast facing up. This means there is a greatly reduced risk of either cross contamination or facial contamination, as opposed to eviscerating on tables. It also puts the bird at a comfortable working height for when you want to remove the crop, wind pipe and necks.

Comes with 2 spray guns for washing inside the cavity and a knee operated tap for washing hands.

Supplied with 2 or 4 shackles depending on requirements.


This EV station is made to order.Lead time is usually around 3-4 weeks, we will contact you after purchase to let you know when we expet to be able to dispatch. Feel free to contact us first if you have a deadline.