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Low Voltage Stunner

Our low voltage handheld electric poultry stunner has been designed for safe use with most types of poultry prior to bleeding. The wall-mounted transformer unit is fitted with volt and ammeters to comply fully with current legislation and is connecting to the fully insulated handset with a 2m cable.

The handset delivers 130v across the specifically designed probes. There are two types of poultry stunner probes – the stunner is supplied with flat-ended for all types of poultry including chicken and turkeys. Needle pad probes can be purchased sepratley here, these are useful when stunning ducks and geese. 

Our stunners are designed to cope with the challenges of the slaughterhouse environment, the control box is IP55 rated and the handset is fully insulated.

The handset delivers 130v across the specifically designed probes. When the button on the handset is pressed, a red light comes on to show that the probes are now live and stunning can be carried out, the light will stay on for as long as the button is depressed.


Fully CE approved

Input voltage - 240v. Fused 5 amp

Output voltage – 130v. Fused 2 amp (+/- 65v each probe)

Suitable for Chicken, Duck, Geese and Turkey




The Humane Slaughter Association website have very helpful information on the correct use of these types of stunners and a video on how to properly place the electrodes on the bird.

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